Rebecca Jenkinson, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, MBACP (Accred.), MABCP CYP

Availability: Wednesday mornings.

Mode: Face-to-Face; Online

Fees: £50 per 50 minute session. Reduced rates also available

MA (Cambridge)
PGCE (Oxford)
BA Counselling and Psychotherapy (Warwick)
Postgraduate Certificate Psychodynamic Studies (Oxford)
Counselling Online – (Open University)
Mindfulness (Oxford Centre for Mindfulness)

I work with people from all walks of life and have a special interest in supporting individuals working in demanding roles within the professional service sector. The balance between performance at work and our personal relationships is often finely tuned: if pressures build up in one or other sphere, the impact can compromise all aspects of our life and undermine our general sense of wellbeing.

I am also a member of Phoenix Counselling Cooperative – an organisation which fulfils contracts offering counselling support to young people and staff – teaching and non teaching – in secondary schools in Oxfordshire. I therefore also have considerable experience in working with young people.

What do I offer?
Short-term and Long-term
Counselling and Psychotherapy

In essence counselling and psychotherapy seek to shed light on the emotional context of events in our lives – past, present and future. And in so doing, allow a better understanding of how our emotions can exert an influence on our decision-making, our behaviour and our relationships – both with others and ourselves.

I work in a humanistic and relational style drawing on the therapeutic conditions initially described in Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Therapy, coupled with the principles of Mindfulness. It is my experience that this combination builds up a powerful and synergistic trio of greater self-awareness, greater self-compassion, and greater resilience. This approach is based on the fundamental premise that when offered appropriate support and insight, the solution to many of the problems that we struggle with can be found within ourselves.

Therapeutic counselling is a collaborative endeavour. It can be both rewarding and inspirational, as well as difficult and painful. I seek to provide a confidential, compassionate, and clear-thinking framework to enable reflection on the stuff of life that is challenging and uncertain. Respect for your autonomy and a non-judgemental approach are central to the relationship established between us.

It is important to understand that there is a requirement for a commitment, a mutual commitment – both in terms of setting aside the time to meet on a regular basis – and equally a willingness from both of us to engage with the process. It can be for a fixed number of sessions or it can be more open-ended

‘Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.’ James Baldwin.